Gianni Body

The most popular male mesh body in Second Life
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The Gianni male Body, is the most popular male body in Second Life. This mesh body have a bulky musculature that can be shaped to your liking using the Shape Editor.
The Gianni body have a lot of compatible clothing and accessories available in Second Life.

You will find all information about the built-in features listed below.
The body come built-in with all the features listed below.

Bakes on Mesh

Working with the Bakes on Mesh BOM system, you can wear multiples SL system layer over the body. BOM can be turned on and off.


The hands are animated with different poses that you can select using the main body HUD that comes with.

Advanced Lighting

The body use advanced lighting, shine, sweat and wet skin effects can be tweaked, also the glossiness, intensity and glow can be adjusted using the body HUD.


Hide the body parts of your choice if you are wearing clothing to prevent skin from poking through, you will also save performance if you hide non visible body parts.


Each hidden body parts that you have selected can be saved to your body HUD.


Easily input or clear any texture applied over your body, using your main body HUD.


Compatibles with all Omega and Signature nails, skin or tattoos appliers.


The body comes with a skin in multiples tones to fit your favourite skin color.


Your fingernails length, tones and polish can be adjusted using the body HUD that comes with.


The body is compatible with most Second Life bento mesh heads designers.


In the body HUD you will find a settings tab, parameters that you can change such as moving the HUD, redeliver or update, resetting scripts to factory and more...


If you wear any compatible auto hide items it will automatically hide or show the correct body parts on attach or detach.

Included items inside the Gianni mesh body package.
  • SIGNATURE Gianni Bodybody content folder in Second Life
    • Body and Shape
      • Body(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Feet(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Hands(no modify) (no transfer)
      • HUD(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Shape(no transfer)
    • Skins
      • Skin - 01 - Porcelain(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - 02 - Sand(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - 03 - Almond(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - 04 - Beige(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - 05 - Hazelnut(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - 06 - Clay(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - 07 - Taupe(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - 08 - Mocha(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - 09 - Chestnut(no modify) (no transfer)
      • Skin - 10 - Espresso(no modify) (no transfer)
    • Alpha mask and Physics
      • Alpha Mask (Hide SL Head)(no transfer)
      • Alpha Mask (Hide SL Body)(no transfer)
      • Alpha Mask (Hide SL Body, Hide SL Head)(no transfer)
      • Alpha Mask (Hide SL Eyes)(no transfer)
      • Alpha Mask (Hide ankles to toes)(no transfer)
      • Alpha Mask (Hide toes)(no transfer)
      • Alpha Mask (Hide fingers to wrist)(no transfer)
      • Alpha Mask (Hide fingers)(no transfer)
      • Gianni Physics - Pectorals, Belly, Butt(no transfer)
    • Signature Body Informations(no modify)